The Best B2B Growth Hacking Slide I Ever Saw

The Best B2B Growth Hacking Slide I Ever Saw

At Ad:Tech in Singapore a particularly insightful agency presented this slide:


The reason this slide is so great is that it humanizes the B2B sales target.

Sure, it’s the company which buys your product in the end, but you have to sell it to a person. And that person does not have the same motivations you do.

So if you want to reach them you have to address their concerns in that order:

  1. Avoiding risk: Offer a free trial with no strings attached.
  2. Avoiding hassle: Make your contract easy to sign, or get rid of it.
  3. Gaining praise: Ensure you are treating your customer’s colleagues well so they look good to their peers.
  4. Gaining power: Think – how can we make our product a career springboard for our customer?
  5. Having fun: Be a delight to work with. Meet for coffee.  Bring donuts.  Send a gift when deal is closed.

Once these are in place, then you can talk about how you’re going to help their company be better, faster, more profitable, etc.

And when you find a few who get to this point, then your growth will start.

Jeff Rajeck (25 Posts)

Director of marketing at Maachu, a social recruiting platform. Likes data, analytics, and growth hacking. Dislikes woolly thinking.

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